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Wika offer a product range that encompasses:

Electronic Pressure Measuring Instruments 

WIKA offers a complete range of electronic pressure measuring instruments: pressure sensors, pressure switches, pressure transmitters and transmitters with Turn down (UniTrans) for the measurement of gauge, absolute and differential pressure. 

Mechanical Pressure Measuring Instruments

Indicating instruments for gauge, absolute and differential pressure with bourdon tube, diaphragm or capsule pressure element have been tested millions of times over.

Diaphragm Seals

Diaphragm seals, also known as chemical seals or remote seals, separate the pressure medium from the pressure instrument, and as a suitable liquid for the respective application hydraulically transmits the pressure to the instruments sensing equipment.

In combination with diaphragm seals, which are available in many different designs and special materials, pressure gauges, pressure transducers, pressure transmitters and pressure switches can be used even under extreme conditions. 


Temperature Measurement Consisting:


Electrical Temperature Measuring Instruments 

Our range of products include thermocouples, resistance thermometers, analogue and digital temperature transmitters, digital indicators, controllers and calibrators for temperature ranges from -200 degrees centigrade to +1800 degrees centigrade.

Mechanical Temperature Measuring Instruments

Our mechanical temperature measuring instruments work on the bimetal or gas actuation principle and cover temperature ranges from -200 degrees centigrade to +700 degrees centigrade.


A large variety of thermowells are available for the thermometers, so that they can even be used under extreme process conditions. 


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