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Roller Chain

Representing the Renold Chain organisation for some 70 plus years we can provide, with Renold's assistance, chain solutions for 100s of applications coping with operating conditions that are hot or cold, wet or dry, dusty or requiring cleanliness and all of these solutions combine excellent wear resistance and fatigue resistance with a long reliable working life.



Chain products include:

- Synergy

- Blue Box

- A & S Chain

- SD Chain

- Small and large pitch (4mm up to 4 inch) chain

- Attachment chain

- Syno: maintenance free chain

- Coris: stainless steel chain

- Hydro Service: superior corrosion resistance chain

- Sovereign: abrasion resistance chain

- Hollow bearing pin chain

- Nickel plated chain

- Zinc plated chain

- Extended pitch chain

- Sidebow chain

- Cranked link chain

- Bush chain

- Polymer block chain

- Oilfield chain


Featured Brands

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